Posted by: thezedword | October 9, 2008

The earth does quake here

The fault!

The fault!

Until the sheep go crazy and take over, that’s about as much as you get in the natural disaster department. There’s a fault line visible on Google Maps that passes straight through New Zealand. Mable and Philip say it goes right behind their house! Mostly, the land is pretty calm and when it’s not, you don’t really know. When we moved into our apartment flat, Heather told us there had been a small quake a few nights before and none of us had even felt it. There was a large one a week or two ago on some outlying island that’s something like 1000 km away from the northern tip of the north island. Considering we’re on the south tip of the north island, we were plenty far away and still didn’t fill a thing.

The fault line has given us the beautiful mountain ranges and sedate active volcanoes here. So that’s fun.

Here’s a crazy theory about that big earthquake:


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