Posted by: thezedword | December 1, 2008

Beached as…what?

Here’s a Kiwi practice I don’t fully understand: adding “as” to a term as if you’re going to make a simile. For example, a water polo player approached me while I was teaching swim lessons the other day and asked if I was Ted.

You’re American, right?
Are you the American that knows Gary?
Sorry, I don’t know a Ted or a Gary. Ask one of the lifeguards, they’d probably know.
Sweet as.
Yeah, sorry, I just started here.
Ah, right, sweet as.

I’m certain he was saying “as” and not “ass,” as in, he wasn’t telling me I had a sweet ass while he walked away. People say that here all the time (again, as, not that I have a sweet ass). Plus “cool as.” I don’t know what something is supposed to be as sweet or as cool as, just that it’s a little more sweet or cool than it would be without the “as.” If Abbott and Costello ever made a movie in New Zealand, I can only imagine what the scene would have been like when they try to get directions to a restaurant from a local just before they drive on the wrong side of the road.

Despite my lack of understanding, or perhaps because of it, I find the video below incredibly funny. It’s made by Australians, who I believe may also sometimes include the ambiguous as, and it’s become such a hit here that you can buy t-shirts with the whale and bird on it.

Anywho, without further adieu:

On a side note, Stacy bought me one of the best sweets ever yesterday: Cadbury Magical Elves. They are little elf-shaped chocolate figurines with Pop Rocks inside. They are yummy and make fun sounds.


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