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Let’s go for a walk

It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged and it’s time to get back into it. Between the holidays and our two-week trip around New Zealand’s South Island, I haven’t logged in much. However, they have also given me heaps of things to write about. Before diving into our tour of the South Island, I’ll give you a tour of our neighborhood. Google Street View only recently hit New Zealand and, while I can’t directly link to specific areas, I can give you a general address and you can copy and paste it and I’ll tell you how to turn around, what you’ll see and how it relates to us.

2-10 Terrace Gardens, Te Aro, Wellington 6011 New Zealand

Since there’s no street access to our house, Google Street View doesn’t really help you see it, but if you do check out that address on Google Maps you’ll see our house (grey roof) with a large tree and a field next to it. That’s our house. For a closer look, watch this video.

5 O’Reily Ave, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

This is as close we can get on Street View to our place. Face northwest and you’ll see the first set of steps we walk up and down everyday. Just to the northeast, you’ll see the church by us and look up and you’ll see the tallest building in Wellington, at least by my observations, the fancy-looking Majestic Center. 5 O’Reilly also happens to be pretty much the exact location I fell on my bike. The building next to the steps is a dorm that has a security camera at the front door. I’m tempted to ask if they had their cameras on that day so I can watch my trip over the handle bars. I promise to post it online for your viewing pleasure if I get a hand on it.

13 Bond St, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

If you squit a little bit and look almost directly west you’ll see a Vietnamese restaurant with it’s entire menu taped to it’s window. This is the Fisherman’s Table, where Stacy and I get our fish and chips.

122 Customhouse Quay, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Almost directly west you’ll see a bus. Not all that exciting. Behind it, though, is a Levi Store and next to its sign you’ll see a sign that says Platinum, full name Platinum Nike. That’s where Stacy works. The store, while not directly owned by Nike, only sells Nike products. She recently started there as a manager and has left her job teaching swim lessons at the pool. Her new position involves fewer unruly children, less water, more pay and free/heavily discounted clothes. It’s about a 5-10 minute walk from our apartment.

112 Victoria St, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

At 112 Victoria Street lies the end of Manners Street and the beginning of Manners Mall. It lies halfway between east and south. Go one click to the left and you’ll get a better look at it.

86 Cuba Mall, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Look anywhere you want here and you’ll find you’re in the middle of Cuba Street, an outdoor mall that runs perpendicular to Manners Mall. It’s a few blocks long, is the home to many restaurants and bars and is a regular venue for street musicians. Murphy’s, one of many Irish bars, is at 121 Cuba Mall. Mable took us to eat there on our first morning in Wellington. We chose that because it had a $5 breakfast.

19 Ghuznee St, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand/ 1 Ghuznee St, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand

Look southwest towards the yellow building called Abel Traders, where I bought Chester and where Stacy bought me a vintage 8mm camera for Christmas. One click to the left and looking the same direction at 14 Ghuznee and there’s an unassuming garage on the side of the building. Every Saturday they have a huge, messy yard sale. You will never see so much worthless junk in your life. When we first arrived we visited 1 Ghuznee almost daily to check out the stock at the Salvation Army. We mostly used second-hand items purchased here to furnish our apartment.

30 Courtenay Place, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Our next destination, the Paramount Theater, is again at the southwest. It’s an old movie theater where I attend quiz night on a weekly basis. The prize is two week’s free movies. Losers console themselves at the full bar inside the theater, or, in my case, at the crepe place, Crepes a Go Go, downstairs, or, in Stacy’s case, at Café Eis two doors two the west.

21 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Peter Jackson adopted Embassy Theater to the southeast, helped renovate it and held the Return of the King world premiere here. We saw Quantum of Solace there, it’s a beautiful, fantastic place to see movies. Weta, Jackson’s special effects company donated the camera tripod statue to the south 3 Courtenay Place. I’m unsure of how to really describe it except to say that it looks like Tim Burton designed it. That should be enough.

1 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Even though Street View will say you’re at a corner between two streets, it won’t let you type in that as an address. So go right once while you’re looking west at Cambridge Terrace and you’ll see the YHA we stayed in when we first arrive in Wellington. Good location, comfortable, if not small, room. And affordable. I recommend it.

76 Victoria St, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Nothing interesting here at Street View, but from overhead you can go to the right and you’ll float over Civic Square, a public area through which I ride my bike on the way to work. There’s a foot bridge that passes over Jervois Quay and follow over that and you’ll be above a lagoon-looking area where paddle boats float around during the week and rowers use to launch their boats before practice. I ride my bike down there and along the coast. You can follow my route along the water, behind Te Papa museum and around the pier and onto Oriental Parade.

178 Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

You can look across the bay at any point as long as a tree isn’t blocking your view. I think one of the best points to see all the way across is at 178 Oriental Parade. Follow around past where there are no street numbers and you’ll get a nice view of the city from the end of the parade.

2 Evans Bay Parade, Roseneath, Wellington, New Zealand

Oriental Parade goes around the point and turns into Evans Bay Parade. At 2 Evans Parade you can catch a bit of the sunrise over the bay. I ride all the way to the end of Evans Bay until I get to

580 Evans Bay Parade, Kilbirnie, Wellington, New Zealand

and turn right (west). That’s the back parking lot of the pool I work at. I lock my bike up to the fence that seperates the parking lot from the field adjacent to it, where kids in white uniforms often play cricket.

69 Kilbirnie Crescent, Kilbirnie, Wellington, New Zealand

The front entrance to the pool is almost directly to the east, and also silhouetted behind the rising sun. If you look at it from overhead you can get a sense of what a big facility it actually is.

1 Tully St, Kilbirnie, Wellington, New Zealand

Our friends Jeanne and Neil and their two boys live down this street. Fellow graduates of FSU might recognize the greater significance of the street. It’s only a half-block from the pool and shares a name with Tully Gym, which is right next to the Leach Gym and Pool on FSU’s campus. I took it as a sign after we interviewed for our jobs at the pool that we would shortly be hired. We were.

4 Lyall Parade, Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

A short bus/bike ride from work and you run into Lyall Bay. Look south and you’ll see the open water and nothing else. Maybe a surfer in there somewhere (Lyall Bay is a popular surf spot), however, nothing but water lies between this point and Antarctica. Makes for some nice, cold winds. Just around the coast from here at 50 Moa Point Rd, Rongotai, Wellington, New Zealand we had lunch where we took the photos from this Facebook album:

That’s about as much cool stuff I can think of from where we live, short of getting into mundane things like where I get my hair cut and the post office we go to. Check back over the next few weeks for the gajillion upcoming posts about our trip through the South Island.



  1. Great to see your triumphant return to blogging. You’re getting very good at this. Perhaps you should consider compiling some of this information into a series of essays… you should search out a magazine that will let you do some travel writing in the form of a monthly column or something.


    Great idea with the g-maps directions, too! I don’t have time to check it out now (since I’m at work), but I’ll definitely give it a whirl.

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. Keep up the good work.

  2. Can’t wait for those billions of pictures and info from your adventures to the South Island!! Hope Chester managed without you. Did part of the google thing, just for old time sake – when we stayed with Mable and Phillip, the google maps was not even a concept, so this was fun and a great idea! Keep ’em coming.

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