Posted by: thezedword | June 15, 2009

Does this thing still work?

It’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog. I’ve been mondo busy between work, doing applications, dinners for all the people leaving the country on a regular basis, keeping up with the friends still in the country, occasionally sleeping and watching Grey’s Anatomy once a week. To get a change of pace from application essays and supplemental materials I’ve been writing, I’ve decided to do a little update for the two people who still read this blog. Since trying to summarize the last few months in one post would be long and boring, so I present you a series of haikus.


Josh drove the green bus
Took us ‘round the South Isle
First week on the job

Gold flakes in the sand
Free cooking herbs at hostel
Fabio made feast

Thought my name was Ze
Fantastic chef from Brazil
Stayed with us a week

The Hostel at Lake Mahinapua
Piss Up at Poo Pub
Kiwi Bus Costume Contest
We were Pool Party

Franz Josef Glacier
Never stopped raining
Don’t pay hundred-eighty bucks
To hike on some ice

The Bushman’s Café and Bar
Bushman captured deer
Made me feed a boar breakfast
I ate possum pie

A mouthful of possum pie

A mouthful of possum pie

Lake at Wanaka
Where Shania Twain vacays
Red Star Burgers, yum!

Bungy Jumping
A ledge in Queenstown
Four hundred meters up high
Stace more brave than me

Little Kiwi Bird
Runs around in the forest
No wings to speak of

Kias are cheeky
Tear the rubber off your car
Sole alpine parrots

Enormous birdy
Extinct, but farmers still  spot
Stood up nine feet tall


Mt. Cook
Breathtaking mountain
Walk through the Hooker Valley
Nicest hostel ‘round


Christchurch cathedral
Has swastikas, black Jesus
And lots of old flags

Surfing in Kaikoura
Lessons from Dave Lyons
Famous Kiwi Surfer guy
Stood up a few times

They have the sweet life
Swim, sleep, nothing else, all day
Remind me of Jake

Christmas Tree
Homemade Christmas Tree
Made of Balsa wood, tinsel
Left it up till Feb.

Eat Day
Three meals, twelve courses
Grisham and Dean cooked for all
Yum yum in my tum

Sevens Weekend
Heaps of fun costumes
Didn’t watch the rugby games
Drank beer instead

Small bar-b-que grill
Small bar-b-que grill
Use propane to cook some steaks
Always burn the corn

Chinese New Year
Big celebration
Brought in the year of the ox
Huge dragon danced ‘round

Cuba Street Carnival
Lots of good music
Two million fans in the streets
Blocked view of parade

Jon Wark
Tall Canadian
Farmer from Manitoba
Slept on our sofa

Quiz Night
Weeks of ‘W’s
When Aro Video skips
What happened to them?

Jon Wark returns
I won Laser Tag
He won ten frames of bowling
Rode swings on playground

Stacy Dyes Her Hair
Stacy dyed hair black
She got lots of compliments
Then she dyed it back

48-Hour Film Festival
Team: Traces of Nut
Religious film about cult
Won third place. Hooray!

Wellington Winter
Cold indoors and out
No insulation in homes
Warmest inside fridge

Everyone leaves New Zealand
Good bye, Phil Newell
Ciao, Natalie Hardaker
Adieu, French Patrick

Our Planned Trip home
Two weeks in Aussie
Drive east coast, fly to Fiji
L.A., L.V., Home



  1. I’d like to hear more about these applications – what for, exactly? Grad programs, internships, jobs?

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