Posted by: thezedword | January 11, 2010

9 through 12 of 2009, in 5-7-5

Since the last dispatch in September, we’ve visited four countries, traveled more miles than I think I’d be able to estimate, returned back to the States, and haven’t really stopped moving.  It’d take ages if I detailed it all in prose, so here’s a rundown of the last few months of our adventures in haiku.  In some cases, there are longer version of these stories on Facebook.  In all cases, there are more pictures.

Tomorrow Stacy and I take off an a new adventure.  We’re moving to Los Angeles, or at least attempting to.  By this time next week, we’ll have driven our cars the 2,400 miles between Fernandina Beach, Florida, where Stacy’s parents live, and Oceanside, California, where her brother lives.  What happens after that is one of those mysteries that terrifies me and excites me in equal parts.  Hopefully the answer is worth the suspense.

Kiwi Experience, Take 2

Second ride on Green

Not nearly as fun as the first

Missed that driver Josh

Stacy on the Tongariro Crossing


Tongariro “walk”

Skiing on Rhuapehu

Black swans on the lake


Dinner from hangi

Yummy at Tamaki tours

Hey, there’s driver Josh!


Home of Hobbiton

Took a picture with Gollum

Didn’t see The Shire

Fabio grew real small since the last time we saw him

Fabio grew real small since the last time we saw him


Crash with Fabio

Just three days after skiing

Saw lots of beaches


Big hole in a rock

Site of Waitangi Treaty

That’s all when cloudy

Auckland, again

For the first time in a year

I ate Wendy’s Spicy Chick

Three times in one week!


Bought a uke in Auck

Can play Twilight Zone theme song

And Popeye song, too


Jucy van from Cairns

Two weeks driving to Sydney

Camping down the coast


Slept at Palm Cove camp

Only sixteen bucks a night

Right on the water


Saw huge bats in Cairns

Loud birds woke us up at night

Sound like screamin’ kids

Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, part 1

True, it’s beautiful

Too many divers visit

Unhealthy reef

Great Barrir Reef in Cairns, part 2

Still, a dream come true

Giant clams and nudibranchs

Stacy’s first dive trip


Tablelands one night

Orange, dusty Mareeba

Beautiful river


Dive spot number two

Dove reef Crown of Thorns hit hard

D.M. from F.L.!

Barney Beach

Kookaburra bird

Squawked every morning at dawn

Sound like they’re laughing

Agnes Water

Seventeen dollars

Three fun hours of surfing

With instructors too!


Ginger beer birthplace

Stopped in at The Barrel

Bought kick-ass six pack


Lunch stop in Brisbane

With Kiwi Cathy and friend

Slept in Ballina

Spot where we surfed in Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie

Went for morning surf

Eek! Nude footballers on beach

Just offshore whales leapt


Huge Huntsman spider

Scared me shitless while driving

The size of my palm


Three nights in hostel

Opera House, Aquarium

Harbour Bridge and Zoo


Saw none in the wild

Plenty dead on side of road

Ate some for dinner

A little Joey in the pouch!


Saw some in a farm

Lazing in the sun all day

Didn’t eat any


The yummiest meat

Just kidding, that’s not legal

Saw some at the zoo


Ostrich-like big bird

Has a huge rock on its head

Aggressive suckers


Part whale, manatee

Playful and lazy creatures

Eat lettuce all day

Giant Sandstorm!

Turned Sydney orange

Worst ever in history

Went to see Wicked

Opera House

Sand cleared on day two

The O. H. left me breathless

Amazing building

The Other Sites

Harbour Bridge, The Rocks

MCA, Bondi, Gardens

Ms. Macquarie’s Chair


Stoney Creek Resort

Mountain of Sleeping Giant

Barely any guests

Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Short bike ride away

Largest orchid collection

In the whole wide world


Fijian people

Friendliest in Pacific

Always say, “Bula!”

Seashell @ Momi

Some nights was just us

Tsunami warning, oh my!

Got mondo sunburns

Scuba Bula

Dove the Great Sea Reef

Lionfish, lobsters, turtle,

Ghost coral, shark

Scuba Bula, Part 2

If ever you fly

To Australia to dive

Stop in Fiji first

Scuba Bula, Part 3

Six minutes from shore

Only us diving that day

Paradise, I think

Them's some big teeth.

Scuba Sam

Thirty years on reef

Caught a puffer with bare hands

Young soul in old man


Nasty little drink

Made of water and crushed roots

Makes everything numb

Cloud Break

Went to surf on reef

Not Cloud Break, beginner’s reef

I chickened out fast


Took us on his boat

For surfing, fishing, sand bar

Funny, friendly guy


Made friends Tongan

Took us for tours all ‘round

The Seashell Resort


Local markets, shops

Don’t drink tap-water kava

They make for you there

Flight Back to L.A.

You’ll spend lots of time

Needing to use the bathroom

After bad Kava

Sunset on opposite sides of the world

Saw it two diff. times

Nineteen hours between the two

Both on first of Oct.


Home of Stacy’s bro

Crashed on his floor for two weeks

Sun, surf, welcome home

Las Vegas

Met Stacy’s fam. there

Went for a hike at Red Rocks

And played the slots too!


Thirteen months gone by

Since last time I saw my dog

My room, now guest room!


Tallyween party

Wore my old taekwondo gi

Stacy, Eighties chick

National Hispanic Media Coalition TV Writing Workshop in L.A.

I wrote a Dexter

Accepted! Five-week workshop

And wrote a HIMYM

Jake the Dog

Our dog ate some rocks

As in, dumber than box of

He’s all better now

Holiday Travel

Miami, Naples

Orlando, Jupiter too

And that’s just the start…

The Big Move

Driving to L.A.

With the Camry and the ‘Stang

Hope we get some jobs!

Warning, objects in mirror may not be a Camry


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