One thing I really don’t ever want to say is “I wrote about that on my blog.” At least not in any way that’s not sarcastic. OK, I’ll admit I ran the trickling blog on fsunews.com and I briefly did the aborted moviesdaily.today.com. But those were more because of business than leisure. This is an example of leisure blogging. I promise not to bore you with what I had for breakfast, what mood I’m in or what song I’m currently listening to. (I will, however, tell you what I found in the sofa, because that is a funny story.) I won’t air all my laundry here for everyone to read and if you really want to know, you can just e-mail, IM or send me a Bumper Sticker on Facebook and I’ll fill you in.

I got the idea for this blog from my neighbor back home, Phil Giberson. The day I left for New Zealand, he called, left a nice voice mail, and told me that if I have a blog I should let him know what it is so he can follow our trip. At first, I thought, “a blog, naw, that’s silly.” But, as I’ve tried to keep people updated on my adventures, or lack there of, I’ve found it redundant telling the same stories over and over or often wish I’d remembered to tell someone a story and never did. So, I’ll use this space to keep people posted on the goings on with Stacy and me as we continue our adventures and hopefully, those people interested enough to read, well maybe they won’t feel so far away.



  1. Now we’re on the same hemisphere!

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